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BEAUDREY is your partner for increasing productivity with custom-designed, robust and environmental-friendly machines.



With over 100 years of experience, we are leaders in the mechanical water-screening business. We have developed a wide range of machines which can meet the specific requirements of all types of industrial sites.


With its touch of French technology, these machines are designed in our Paris offices by a team of dedicated and experienced engineers.

Mother Nature is our biggest challenge and designing equipment to protect the environment and ensure that water-life is safe, is of paramount importance to us. Laboratory and on-site testing have proven our leadership in terms of solutions to safeguard fish at both larval or adult phases of development.

With our capacity to design or modify your installations in order to meet with local regulations and environmental constraints, BEAUDREY is your partner to finding the best, cost-effective solutions in terms of water screening.

Screening water also means protecting condensers and other types of heat-exchangers. A specific range of products including debris filters and condenser tube-cleaning systems are efficient solutions to increase the efficiency of your condenser. Our “Zero Ball Loss” tube-cleaning system is the only environmental-friendly tube-cleaning system as it guarantees no cleaning balls are released into the environment.


We attach particular attention to the quality of the equipment we manufacture and the documentation we produce. Certifying such high standards has positioned us as a major player in the nuclear energy business.


Because of the environments in which our machines are installed and operated, safety is our first and foremost preoccupation. Our personnel are regularly trained in safety-related issues and BEAUDREY is qualified to work in all types of installations (nuclear, petrochemical, Atex…). Our HSE Department makes sure the machines are in conformity with safety regulations and that working conditions for its personnel are exemplary.

So, whether you have a new plant to equip or an existing installation which needs renewing, and whatever your field of activity may be, BEAUDREY can assist you in finding the best possible screening or condenser protection solutions adapted to your specific needs.


We look forwards to hearing from you.



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