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A family business turned global

  • 1912: Company created by Eugène Beaudrey. The first travelling screens are built. From then on BEAUDREY has pioneered all the major screening and condenser cleaning systems now used worldwide.

  • 1921: First on-line condenser tube-cleaning system. Hundreds have been sold since.

  • 1922: First self-cleaning, backwashed, pressure-line strainer. A best-seller to this day.

  • 1924: First export order. Since then, BEAUDREY has exported between 50 and 90% of its production to over 80 countries worldwide.

  • 1926: Invention of the dual-flow band screen followed by the drum screen (1927). The most widely-used machines in the world.

  • 1936: Condenser inlet debris filters. Over 1200 sold since. The design culminates with the regularly-refined "W" type.

  • 1951: First microstrainer. Over 100 in service.

  • 1953: Large-diameter drum screens (+11m). 76 are supplied for the French Nuclear Program from 1974 to 1988), 69 are installed in Saudi Arabia from 2000 to 2015.

  • 1956: The first French nuclear power plant uses 5 Beaudrey travelling screens.

  • 1966: World’s largest travelling band screen (86 000 m3/h) installed in Le Havre, France.

  • 1968: Beaudrey invents the water-flushed trash rake.

  • 1976: Beaudrey introduces the “C” type filter for essential service nuclear circuits.

  • 1980: Invention of the "Scoop-a-fish" device providing high rates of fish survival.

  • 1984: First Beaudrey screens installed in the USA.

  • 1989-2000: Partnership with Marusei and Marubeni in Japan, over 80 debris filters retrofitted into existing power plants

  • 2006: Development of the WIP (Water Intake Protection) for fish protection. Rated as best-available technology by the EPA.

  • 2006: Beaudrey American Services opens to the US market.

  • 2007: World's largest drum screen (24 m diameter x 10 m wide) for the EPR nuclear plant in France.

  • 2014: Beaudrey Asia (1043444-T) is created in Kuala Lumpur to serve our customers in South East Asia

  • 2015: Beaudrey Portugal is formally opened.

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