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BEAUDREY’s After-Sales Department is available to assist its clients throughout the operating life-time of the BEAUDREY equipment installed on their sites.


Our machines - whether in water intakes or for condenser protection - operate in very severe conditions and consequently require regular follow-up to that the capacity of the machines is maintained over time.


  • We can provide clients with all the spare parts required for their equipment, whether they be consumables, wear parts or structural parts.

  • BEAUDREY is in possession of all the structural drawings and technical data related to the various machine components.

  • We are also available to help the machines evolve and can propose alternative solutions should bought-out components become obsolete.

Beaudrey Warehouse


  • We work exclusively with partner workshops which have been approved from a technical point of view and are regularly audited by our Quality Department.

  • Manufacturing can meet the international standards regularly used by BEAUDREY or the specific requirements of our clients.

  • Our Manufacturing Control Department with its team of inspectors monitor fabrication work and approve the various operations of the manufacturing process.

Beaudrey Mechanical Construction


  • Because the needs of our clients may change over time, we can suggest improvements to enhance the operation of the machines to help them meet new operational constraints.

Beaudrey Spare Parts


  • A team of BEAUDREY site specialists with a long experience of our machines and specially trained in safety matters, assists the After-Sales Department in site-related issues: equipment inspection, technical assistance, site supervision, turnkey contracts for equipment maintenance or revamping, or framework maintenance contracts.

Beaudrey Site Services
Beaudrey Warehouse


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