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Water treatment plant

Screens and filters are used in a number of municipal applications.


  1. Water intakes for drinking-water plants, park irrigation or street cleaning.

    In these cases, classical screening plant layouts are used with stoplogs or penstocks, bar racks and rakes, travelling band screens or drum screens.

    Mesh size depends on the application.


  2. Keeping leisure lakes clean, often using a closed-circuit system with pumps and debris filters.

  3. In drinking water plants where the water contains much non-settling matter (plankton typically). Microstrainers will remove a lot, thereby reducing the frequency of the downstream sand filter cleaning cycles. Microstrainers are the most compact way to do this and use no added chemicals or floculants.

  4. Sewage plants:

    • Many penstocks are necessary.

    • Rakes are often used on the incoming flow.

    • BEAUDREY inlet drum screens  or travelling screens with special layouts and mesh help reduce the load of the settling tank.

    • Tertiary treatment

    • BEAUDREY microstrainers installed at the plant outlet for tertiary treatment reduces BOD and suspended solids by 65%.

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