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Power Plants, whether they be nuclear, coal-fired or gas-fired, require large quantities of water in the condenser to cool the steam which has passed through the turbine.


BEAUDREY has developed a range of screens for the cooling circuit to prevent damage to the main circulation water pumps and to protect condenser tubes.


The performance of intake screens, combined with an efficient condenser tube cleaning system, improve the plant’s reliability, availability, and efficiency. With clean tubes, condenser efficiency is higher resulting in an optimization of other plant parameters (high turbine efficiency, higher net power output, lower coal or gas consumption, reduced number of maintenance shut down, …).


BEAUDREY provides customized solutions to cope with local conditions (flow rate, tidal elevation, environmental conditions) and client needs.


All our machines are robust and designed to last the plant’s life-time. Simplicity of operation and reduced maintenance requirement (low OPEX) are benefits End Users receive from installing our equipment. Layout optimization and simplified installation are other benefits for EPC contractors.


In a power plant, cooling water circuit protection is mainly achieved in three steps:

1 – Debris and trash removal from the cooling water

The main function of Intake screens is to remove large quantities of trash from the cooling water and prevent ingress of debris inside the cooling circuit. Different types of screens may be installed at the intake pumping station to satisfy this function.


2 – Condenser macro-fouling protection

Despite the use of chlorination systems, cooling water pipes suffer from marine growth developments (mussels, barnacles, clams, etc). It is frequent to find condensers fouled with such growths which lead to clogging condenser tubes thereby affecting the heat transfer efficiency. To fight these macro-fouling problems, BEAUDREY has developed a range of high efficiency Debris Filters to protect the condenser tubes, the first of which were installed in 1935.


3 – Condenser micro-fouling protection

A condenser is a hot environment. Condenser tubes suffer from mineral deposits (crystallization of calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, etc), from settling of particles in suspension (silt, mud) and from bio-fouling from bacteria or marine organisms.


BEAUDREY’s improved condenser tube-cleaning systems (CTCS) are on-line systems which the condenser tubes through the continuous injection of sponge balls in the cooling water passing through the condenser. When using such systems, efficiency of the condenser is always maintained at its highest point.

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