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Retrofit travelling band screen

BEAUDREY has the capacity and the experience to successfully renew any existing screening plant, debris filter installation or on-line tube-cleaning system.


To design the new plant, we will require the technical data and layout drawings of the existing one. You can also fill in the data sheets available for download on our website, or simply call us to discuss the options.


Our engineers can then visit the site, take measurements and discuss with the operator the type of improvements we will be expected to bring.


From this information, BEAUDREY will prepare the civil works modification drawings, pipework routing drawings, and calculate loads on the concrete works for the new equipment in its future environment. We will prepare the general arrangement drawings of the new machines, perform the associated calculations and edit operating and maintenance manuals.


The hydraulic layout related to this new installation can be checked through hydraulic model testing.


All BEAUDREY machines can be adapted to the specific layout of your existing site. We can assist you in choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective technical solutions.


Use our revamping experience to modernize equipment or make it safety-compliant to protect site operators. Adapt your machines to enhance environmental protection (Zero Ball Loss Systems, for instance).


Use our experience in retrofitting to replace thru-flow band screens by the better dual-flow band screens. Dual-flow screens suppress debris carry-over and can be adapted to provide fish-protection systems.



Whatever your needs and however old your plant may be, BEAUDREY can offer years of experience to help renew your installation.

Drum Screen



Drum screen
Travelling band screen


Retrofit travelling band screen


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