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Desalination plant

In the 21st century, access to potable water is still a problem for many countries and populations around the world. For some, fresh water is not available in sufficient quantities, for others quality due to water contamination is a major problem.


Around 150 countries worldwide have direct access to seawater which represents 97% of the water on Earth. To face the growing demand for potable water, countries are developing desalination solutions. The number of desalination plants should grow rapidly according to water experts.


Since the beginning of these industries, Beaudrey has developed applications to help key desalination players whatever processes may be used: Multi Stage Flash (MSF), Multi Effect Distillation (MED) or Reverses Osmosis (RO).


While MSF and MED use steam from a power plant to heat the seawater and collect the evaporated fresh water, the RO process uses fine membranes that catch all seawater nanoparticles including salt to produce fresh water.


Beaudrey’s intake screen solutions with trash rakes and bar screens, travelling band screens or drum screens can be applied in any of the three types of desalination plants since most of them use an intake pumping station to draw seawater.


For MED and MSF process, Beaudrey’s Debris Filter and Sponge Ball Tube Cleaning System can be used to protect evaporator tubes or sprayers and improve their performance.

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