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The BEAUDREY “STATODYN” pressure-line strainer is installed on a pipe. It arrests all particles larger than the filtration gauge. It can handle large elements such as clams, shells, pebbles, small twigs as well as leaves, weed, plastics, etc. It is, of course, self-cleaning


It is used in all plants where a proportion of the water supply needs finer filtration including irrigation (mainly in water intakes but may also be used for condenser protection purposes.


The STATODYN strainer comprises an inlet flange, an outlet flange, a filter body, the special cartridges and the flush valves.


Water enters the body, flows into the cartridges then through the mesh, is collected and flows out into the pipeline.


When the head-loss builds up because the cartridges have become clogged by the arrested debris, the strainer is flushed by opening, in turn and for a few seconds, the flush valve of each cartridge. The violent flow thus generated through the cartridge and valve carries away the deposited debris. The carefully-controlled turbulence created by the nature of the cartridge and the proportion between the various dimensions, are the key to the success of this apparently simple process.


The flush valves can be either hand-operated for occasional cleaning or power-actuated. The flushing cycle is actuated either at fixed intervals (time or operator instruction) or when the Delta P builds up (pressostat operation).


Naturally, the finer the filtration size chosen for a given quality of water, the shorter the time between two flushing cycles. In the same manner, the cleaner the water for a given filtration size, the less frequent the flushing cycle.


  • Economical

  • Compact and easy to install (inline or elbow layout)

  • No maintenance as there are no moving parts

  • Low head-loss

  • Can handle both fine and larger debris (shells, etc.)

  • Delivered fully-assembled

  • Approved and used for nuclear plant safeguard circuits


  • Differential pressure monitor

  • Power-actuated flush valves

  • Electrical switchgear control cabinet


  • Elbow or inline layout

  • Seismic qualification


  • Flow rates: up to 8000 m3/h standard flow

  • Smallest size: 80 mm diameter inlet flange

  • Available standard mesh sizes: from 2 mm down to 0.4 mm

  • Standard design pressure: up to 16 bars (250 psig), higher upon special request

  • Special designs possible for other requirements. Call BEAUDREY.


  • Filter shell:           
    For fresh-water applications: carbon steel or rubber-lined carbon steel       
    For seawater applications: Rubber-lined carbon steel, AISI 316L stainless steel, duplex or super-duplex stainless steel      
    GRP option for some sizes         

  • Internal parts
    For fresh-water applications: AISI 304L stainless steel      
    For seawater applications: AISI 316L stainless steel, duplex or super-duplex stainless steel


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