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Trash rake
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The trash rake is a machine used in all intake plants or canals where medium or large-sized debris are to be removed (leaves, logs, containers, plastic sheets, algae, jelly-fish, etc.). It can cope with all types of water (river, sea or waste-water) with flows of up to        50 000 m3/h. The rake is not limited by water-level variations during normal operation.


A fixed-head rake is installed across the walls of the canal or on the intake wall where it is secured onto the civil works. It is also available as a complete structure to be crane-installed. The above-deck structure can be replaced by a concrete gantry and layout of the bar rack can be either vertical or inclined.

This design consists essentially of a trolley and rake assembly which travels on deck rails.


It can be used in all intake plants with several identical intake bar screens not requiring continual raking at certain periods. If permanent raking is necessary the Beaudrey "S" type with a fixed head structure is however, the best solution.


The mobile trash rake is suitable for river, lake and seawater.


Two different layouts are available according to whether a guard-rail is required or not. The debris are recovered either in a flume or in a basket carried by the trash rake. The top structure moves along the rails on the service desk and can be operated either on a semi-automatic basis under operator control, or in a fully-automatic manner.

For very high loadings of small or medium-sized refuse (jelly-fish, sea-weed, etc), continuously-raked machines are used.


These systems are based on multiple rakes carried on a pair of endless chains in permanent rotation during the debris onslaughts, ensuring continuous cleaning. They are inclined.

Similar in layout to the fixed-head trash rake, this machine is best suited to handle low to medium amounts of debris.


At deck level, the debris are swept away  by a scraping action using an articulated arm on the trolley. Debris are recovered in a collection trough and removed either by flushing with water or mechanically towards a trash basket.

The travelling grab rake is meant to remove the debris arrested in water intakes of the multi-pass bar rack layout or intakes with a wide bar rack front. It is designed to handle large quantities of small or medium size debris (weed, grass, twigs, etc).


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