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A penstock is a small to medium-sized watertight sliding/shut-off device meant to isolate a chamber to dewater it, cut or control flow.


It is used in all types of plants where water flows in channels or basins (water intake).


They are sometimes referred to as sluice gates, slide gates.


They are actuated with a level difference between front and back.


Penstocks are either on-seating or off-seating. They consist of:


  • A frame with two side guides and top and bottom sills, bolted or grouted to the civil structure.      

  • A fabricated obturator with seals on all four sides.        

  • A manual or motor-driven spindle lifting device (with rising or non-rising stem).         

  • Bi-directional sealing is available.    

  • BEAUDREY penstocks are built in compliance with international standard DIN 19569. Compliance to other standards such as BS 7775 or AWWA C561 upon request.


  • Simple and easy to handle

  • Economical

  • Excellent watertightness (better than DIN 19569-4 or AWWA C561 requirements), leakage rate below 0.2 l/min/meter of seal

  • Maintenance-free


  • Standard width up to 2 m

  • Standard height up to 2 m

  • Larger dimensions on special request

  • Maximum standard water differential: 10 m (more upon special request)


  • On-seat or off-seat layouts

  • Bi-directional operation capacity

  • Manual, motor-driven, hydraulic jack lifting devices

  • Rising or non-rising lifting stem

  • Compliance with drinking water requirements

  • Head-loss operation under opening sequence

  • Head-loss operation under closing sequence


  • Guides and gates:           
    For fresh-water applications: AISI 304L stainless steel
    For seawater applications: AISI 316L, duplex or super-duplex stainless steel     

  • Stem:       
    In all cases: high-tensile steel or stainless steel

  • Seals:       
    In all cases: EPDM

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