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Our Background

Beaudrey is a world leader in the design, installation and service of fully customizable water screening and condenser protection equipment used in cooling water intake structures. Beaudrey screens have been supplied to over 85 countries worldwide.


Designed to minimize operational costs, environmental protection and maintenance needs, Beaudrey offers a complete range of high quality, efficient and economical solutions to all water screening needs, all of which are custom designed for our clients' needs.


Beaudrey has global coverage with offices in Europe, The United States and Asia


Industries Served:


- Fossil plants

- Nuclear power plants

- LNG terminals

- Desalination plants

- Irrigation facilities

- Water treatment plants

- Oil and Gas facilities (refineries)

With over 100 years of experience in a wide variety of applications, BEAUDREY is undoubtedly one of the main suppliers in its field of activity.


A family business turned global

  • 1912: Company created by Eugène Beaudrey. The first travelling screens are built. From then on BEAUDREY has pioneered all the major screening and condenser cleaning systems now used worldwide.

  • 1921: First on-line condenser tube-cleaning system. Hundreds have been sold since.

  • 1922: First self-cleaning, backwashed, pressure-line strainer. A best-seller to this day.

  • 1924: First export order. Since then, BEAUDREY has exported between 50 and 90% of its production to over 80 countries worldwide.

  • 1926: Invention of the dual-flow band screen followed by the drum screen (1927). The most widely-used machines in the world.

  • 1936: Condenser inlet debris filters. Over 1200 sold since. The design culminates with the regularly-refined "W" type.

  • 1951: First microstrainer. Over 100 in service.

  • 1953: Large-diameter drum screens (+11m). 76 are supplied for the French Nuclear Program from 1974 to 1988), 69 are installed in Saudi Arabia from 2000 to 2015.

  • 1956: The first French nuclear power plant uses 5 Beaudrey travelling screens.

  • 1966: World’s largest travelling band screen (86 000 m3/h) installed in Le Havre, France.

  • 1968: Beaudrey invents the water-flushed trash rake.

  • 1976: Beaudrey introduces the “C” type filter for essential service nuclear circuits.

  • 1980: Invention of the "Scoop-a-fish" device providing high rates of fish survival.

  • 1984: First Beaudrey screens installed in the USA.

  • 1989-2000: Partnership with Marusei and Marubeni in Japan, over 80 debris filters retrofitted into existing power plants

  • 2006: Development of the WIP (Water Intake Protection) for fish protection. Rated as best-available technology by the EPA.

  • 2006: Beaudrey American Services opens to the US market.

  • 2007: World's largest drum screen (24 m diameter x 10 m wide) for the EPR nuclear plant in France.

  • 2014: Beaudrey Asia (1043444-T) is created in Kuala Lumpur to serve our customers in South East Asia

  • 2015: Beaudrey Portugal is formally opened.

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