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BEAUDREY is focused on achievements and client satisfaction. These two goals lead us to improve continuously, especially for the design of our machines.

WIP Screen

WIP (Water Intake Protection) Screen, Pilot test plant


BEAUDREY is involved finding solutions for two major worldwide topics of interest: environment protection & fish survival. 


BEAUDREY has developed greaseless solutions for the rotating parts installed on our machines and we are able to propose grease recovery systems when needed.


Furthermore, our range of fish-friendly machines can be installed in most of the plants or installations worldwide. We can install fish-friendly machines with a mesh opening of 1mm, collect them and have a survival rate of 95% (for fry, smolt and adult fish).

For conventional machines (drum screens, travelling band screens), we can adapt special devices and modify the equipment to comply with the local regulations (low pressure washing system, fish conduits, etc.).


BEAUDREY is aware of the importance of maintenance operations from all points of view (cost, time and safety).


Additionally, we develop our machines to optimize maintenance costs and intervention times as much as possible.


BEAUDREY bases its work on tests in the works and feedback from our supervisors and clients.


Continuous improvement is a key parameter in our philosophy.


All our machines are designed to comply with the most stringent safety regulations (according to CE regulation or local regulation when required).

The picture below shows a platform designed for site-work with CE Conformity

R&D maintenance.jpg


Stoplog calculation

BEAUDREY has supplied many screening machines for nuclear power plants all over the world. We can design, manufacture and install new machines in nuclear power plants taking into account the specific requirements of this type of activity.


We can design a machine which will meet the most stringent criteria (seismic calculations, stress values in the machines, operability criteria based on accidental conditions, compliance with ASME CODE, CODAP, Eurocode).

Drum screen calculation



BEAUDREY can make the basic design of the machines (final finite elements calculation can be made in-house or by an independent, third-party company), design the special tools needed for installation and maintenance using 2D and 3D software.


Our team of mechanical and electrical designers is in continuous communication to take all the technical parameters and constraints of the contract.


Additionally, we can replace old machines on existing sites (either originally installed by BEAUDREY or by other companies) taking into account all the parameters of the existing site (access, lifting means, openings, etc.).


All BEAUDREY screens and strainers operate in water whether they are gravity plants or installed in pressure lines. Their operation and endurance very much depend on the hydraulics of the plant. Turbulence interferes with debris arrest, pump feed patterns, particle settling, head-loss, etc. In high-velocity systems (debris filters and condenser tube-cleaning systems, particularly), the energy implied in turbulence may damage the internal components of the machines.


BEAUDREY can predict the hydraulic behaviour as it has a wide experience of such problems and has witnessed many model tests of all types. There are cases, however, where a special study is required.


BEAUDREY can handle this for you.


There are two possible methods for BEAUDREY:




These types of tests are mostly used for screening plants and pumping stations. They are expensive but give very reliable results. When a specific difficulty is discovered, it is easy to test modified layouts and quickly reach a good solution. BEAUDREY engineers have seen so many such tests that they can generally suggest solutions to apply.


Choosing a large-scale model test is important for the reliability of the plant.




Using this solution is generally quick and economical. It does, however, require an experienced hydraulic engineer so that what the model shows is coherent with the expert’s expectations. A badly-chosen modelisation may conceal the correct representation of the turbulence.

BEAUDREY can provide either system as required and help the end-user interpret the models done by others.

Hydraulic model testing
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